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Oak Orchard Chiropractic
Location:Albion, NY
Oak Orchard Chiropractic
Problem: This project presented a couple of unique challenges. Not only is this the Misiak’s residence, it’s also the place of their business. The home/office featured a front step that was made of old concrete that was cracked and falling away from the home. It was curved and poorly lit, which made it uninviting. The plantings along with the grading of the beds led to water intruding into the basement. The home’s exterior also has a unique stone look that required a product that would accentuate its style. Solution: The newly installed front entrance features two pillars with enhanced lighting and wide treads and landings. Placing the step directly in line with the front leads your eye to the main entrance, inviting you in. The two large retaining walls on either side of the front steps not only hide the ugly concrete foundation, they create a sense of proportion with the home. They also helped to dry up the basement by catching excess rain water and diffusing it throughout the soil and watering the plantings.

We also installed a paver patio next to the entrance of their practice for patients to wait outside (weather permitting). The plantings featured perennials, shrubs (both deciduous and evergreen) along with ornamental trees. The beds had a layer of decorative stone and natural wood mulch spread in different areas to help keep down weeds and create interest. The grass areas were placed to soften the hardscape and help catch excess rain water.
Location: Albion, NY

Clients: Mike and Lisa Misiak

Project Date: July – August 2014

Materials: Pisa II, Hollandstone, Plantings, Sod

Brand: Scalia’s Landscape

Words From the Client

“We would highly recommend Scalia’s Landscaping. From planning to completion, we found their services to be professional, timely, and on budget. We have a home office and were able to continue with business hours without difficulty or interruption. Scalia’s Landscaping exceeded our expectations.”
Mike and Lisa Misiak

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